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Monday, December 15, 2008

OpenOpt (and my) Future

My interim in optimization dept is up to be finished.

Today I have spoken with my chiefs from about my further career.
They have informed me: because of financial crisis the situation is undefined.

Still I have some chances. Moreover, there are some chances I will be permitted to spent some work time for further openopt development.
However, it is provided some conditions to be satisfied.

Some days ago I had been forced to move my code out of scikits framework, my chiefs want me to host it inside Ukraine under our control (mb you know I had been refused to obtain veto rule for openopt code changes within scikits framework; I understand scipy community - they can't take taht something is hosted inside their server and is out of control, but I understand my chiefs position as well).

I have contacted (FOSS Ukraine dept), and they gladly allowed me to host it here.
Full transportation (svn repository, doc, wiki etc) will be finished within several days. But numerical optimization forum already works, you are welcome: I had noticed and are already taken by someone, so it's definitely correct time to go.

Thanks to Michailo Danilenko and Volodimir M. Lisivka from (LOU) community.
Special thanks to Wadim V. Mashkov and Michael Shigorin from community.

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Anonymous said...

Да, тяжелая ситуёвина. Надеюсь всё разрешится к лучшему. Идея OpenOpt мне очень понравилась, думаю у неё большое будущее. Не оставливайтесь на достигнутом.

Всего наилучшего!