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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some more openopt install issues

Latest NumPy (taken from subversion repository) forced some OO users to inform me about some more openopt's install issues.

First of all, sometimes openopt's "python install" starts to search and download numpy 1.1.x from internet, while recent numpy from svn is already installed.

At second (it's especially inconvenient to me), modifying any single line in openopt's sources and then running "python install" now recompiles all openopt's files. Even if there were no changes at all, anyway all OO files are recompiled. Taking into account that I run this dozens times per day it's very annoying, and my increases danger for my HDD. Of course I could use OO without "python install" but this is inconvenient because of some reasons (I had already tried).

So, please take into account: these issues are not up to me, they are up to numpy.distutils developers. I hope they will fixed it ASAP.

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