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Monday, September 15, 2008

OpenOpt release 0.19

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new OpenOpt release: v 0.19.

Changes since previous release 0.18 (June 15, 2008):
  • Some changes for NLP/NSP solver ralg (especially related to handling linear constraints Ax <= b, Aeq x = beq, lb <= x <= ub)
  • Bugfix for ralg and IPOPT linear constraints handling
  • ALGENCAN v 2.0.x has been connected (v 1.0 is no longer supported, v 2.0.3 or later is required)
  • Bugfix for constrained NLSP graphic output (constrained nssolve isn't turned to latest ralg version yet)
  • Scale parameter for lpSolve (p.scale = {False} | True | 0 | 1)
  • New OO class LLAVP (linear least absolute values aka linear least deviations)
  • Improved handling of non-linear functions with restricted dom
  • GLP (global) solver galileo now can handle integer problems (via p.useInteger = 1 or True)
  • Another one GLP solver connected: pswarm
  • Lots of work related to oofun concept (see OO Doc page for details)
  • Add converters llsp2nlp, llavp2nsp
  • Convenient handling of maximization problems (via p.goal = 'max' or 'maximum')
  • Some code clean up and bugfixes

Backward incompatibility:
  • Changed objective function in LLSP
  • MATLAB-style gradtol renamed to gtol (for to provide same syntax to scipy.optimize fmin_bfgs, fmin_cg and less-to-type)
Regards, Dmitrey.

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