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Monday, July 14, 2008

ALGENCAN 2.0.3beta has been released

ALGENCAN developers have informed me they have fixed the bug with Python API installation, and today corrected ALGENCAN 2.0.3 beta has been released (works well with OO as "algencan" solver).

Still, as I had informed, those my examples (nlp_bench_1, nlp3) work better with ALGENCAN 1.0, mb because some funcs (that are used there) are too far from being quadratic.


Ernesto G. Birgin said...

Dear Dmitrey, I did not received any answer from you about the problems for which ALGENCAN 1.0 works better than the new releases of ALGENCAN. Could you please send to me the problems? Best regards, Ernesto.

Dmitrey said...

I had sent you detailed examples 06/24/2008 03:30 PM , mb your spam filters removed it.

you can download the letter from
(use mozilla thunderbird to open the file)