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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

connecting algencan 2.x beta

Some weeks ago I had downloaded and compiled algencan 2.0 beta (version from March 25). Now new version is available: 2.0.1 beta, but currently I fail to compile both these versions (I guess because of some KUBUNTU updates). Fortunately, I can use those old compiled files from 2.0 beta.

So I have provided OO-algencan 2.0 beta connection (I guess it should work with 2.0.1 as well).

On the other hand, v 1.0 works better than 2.0beta (at least for those examples I have examined). Mb v. 2.0.1beta or v. 2 release will work better?

also, pay attention to the issues:

  • you should remove old algencan files (first of all that is situated somewhere on your PYTHONPATH). Mb I could use some tricks to allow both ALGENCAN (i.e. 1.0) and algencan (i.e. v 2.x) to be available in OO, but it requires some more efforts, and I don't see much sense because in future ALGENCAN support will be ceased.

  • provide algencan with either bigger gradtol (1e-1...1e-5 instead of default 1e-6) or other stop criteria like maxTime, maxCPUTime, maxIter, maxFunEvals

  • you can encountered text output "PYTHON INTERFACE ERROR: in evalg, PyEval_CallFunction returned NULL" - this one is due to stop triggering (maxTime, maxCPUTime etc, via Python exception) of artificially binded OO iterfcn, because currently algencan has no native one (here's the thread with my proposition to create the one)

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    Ernesto G. Birgin said...

    Dmitrey, hi. Which are the problems you used to compare both versions of ALGENCAN? Could you please send me those problems? Many thanks in advance, Ernesto.