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Friday, June 6, 2008

Unified text output

I have turned NLP/NSP/GLP solvers to show unified text output. That one can be edited by user (I'll publish detailed description in OO Doc page ASAP).

Now it's like this for constrained problems:

iter objFunVal log10(maxResidual)
0 6.115e+01 2.13
10 2.360e+01 0.72
20 1.754e+01 0.38
1290 2.015e+01 -6.23

and like this for unconstrained (or those problem-solver pairs which always have feasible iter points, for example some box-bounded problems and solvers):

iter objFunVal
0 -2.825e+06
10 -7.106e+05
1570 -4.787e-03

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