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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Python Wins "Favorite Scripting Language" Award

(The information has been taken from PSF blog)
Python Wins "Favorite Scripting Language" Award.

May 1, 2008 Linux Journal announced their 2008 Readers' Choice Awards today, and we are happy to say that Python won the Favorite Scripting Language category with 28.9% of the vote. PHP, Bash and Perl (in that order) won honorable mentions. Thanks to everyone who took the time to register their votes. Python's popularity does seem to be climbing this year, as attendance at the recent Chicago PyCon confirmed with a 77% increase in attendance. Let's hope that leads to career opportunities for Python users!

Favorite Scripting Language:
  • Python (28.9%)

Honorable Mentions

  • PHP (21.7%)
  • bash (19.8%)
  • Perl (17%)

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