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Thursday, May 8, 2008

blas and lapack issues with CVXOPT installation

As I have made conclusion from my own experience with CVXOPT installation (from source, i.e. tarball), as well as from some user comments, CVXOPT sometimes cannot find lapack and blas, despite they are present.

I noticed that it searches for llapack and lblas, and despite I have and (installed in my KUBUNTU 8.04, to /usr/lib, via aptitude) it doesn't work. So I had copied and into files and (same directory /usr/lib) and now all works ok (mb creating soft links would be enough?).

I hope CVXOPT developers will take it into account, mb this problem happens with some other OSes as well.

P.S. If you intend to use OO<->CVXOPT<->glpk connection don't forget to set BUILD_GLPK=1 in CVXOPT file. glpk should be already installed.


Matthieu said...

These links are automatically installed with a development version of blas and lapack. If you compile by hand something linked to blas and lapack, you must install them and everything works just fine...

Dmitrey said...

Yes, CVXOPT developers had precisely described the issue here