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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OpenOpt TODO list

hi OpenOpt users,
as you probably know OpenOpt still lacks finance support, so we should take care of OO further evolution by ourselves. Of course, I had applied for money support (and will apply furthermore), but some Ukrainian organizations answered they are not interested in Python scientific software, some (foreign ones) explained me I'm required to be their country's resident, and several (like Enthought) hadn't answered at all (OK, I don't mind); AFAIK PSF doesn't accept propositions (at least for last several years), so GSoC2007 (that had finished) donation remains being single one for now, and I'm not sure I'll be able to participate in GSoC2008 because maybe I'll already finished being student for the date required (April 11 or kind of).

Unfortunately, OpenOpt for Python is not related neither to my work nor to my graduation work (latter is MATLAB code for Electro-Energetic Systems State Estimation problem), so I can't pay OpenOpt too much time, at least for now.

So, here's list of OpenOpt TODO tasks, some of the ones can be done by yourselves for to speed up OpenOpt development.
Making donations would also speed up making this and others tasks done.
Regards, Dmitrey.

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