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Friday, January 4, 2008

experiment: google search for optimization solvers

I had noticed some people come to openopt webpages from google search for something like "free optimization solver", especially "free NLP solver" (since NL problems are most common in numerical optimization). So I have done some google searches and interesting results have been obtained:

  • google "free optimization solvers" yields OpenOpt for Python 7th position from 81700:

  • google "NLP solver" yields 4th position from 67300 (after,,
  • google "free NLP solver" ... drumroll... 1st position from 5330!
Be sure, I didn't use any hacks to enhance openopt positions in web search engines, as well as any other dishonest tricks. To prevent some side effects (I constantly had been redirected to, I did this search via connecting to a US proxy.

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