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Saturday, March 15, 2008

OpenOpt 0.17

We're pleased to announce:
OpenOpt 0.17 (release), free (license: BSD) optimization framework for Python language programmers, is available for download.

Changes since previous release (December 15, 2007):
  • new classes: GLP (global problem), MMP (mini-max problem)

  • several new solvers written: goldenSection, nsmm

  • some more solvers connected: scipy_slsqp, bvls, galileo

  • possibility to change default solver parameters

  • user-defined callback functions

  • changes in auto derivatives check

  • "noise" parameter for noisy functions

  • some changes to NLP/NSP solver ralg

  • some changes in graphical output: initial estimations xlim, ylim

  • scaling

  • some bugfixes

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