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Friday, August 31, 2007


I continue trying to connect ALGENCAN to openopt.
Yestorday I informed ALGENCAN developers about minor bug in, and they had fix that one.

One more bug, more serious, is that they continue using obsolete Numeric module in one of files (at least, in pywrapper.c) instead of numpy, despite we agreed long tima ago they will use numpy everywhere. I informed them today and I hope they will fix it soon.
As for me I have temporary solution - replacing x by asfarray(x) in all python funcs related to ALGENCAN. So it works now, at least for UC problems, I will check constrained today. However, there are still lots of problems, and 2-nd order problems (that use d2f, d2c, d2h) are still unavailable in openopt (at all, not only for ALGENCAN).

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