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Thursday, June 7, 2007

OpenOpt integrated to scikits svn

At last!...
I can't say all is perfect, but, at least, it works.

Some code were stolen from other scikits projects (pymat, pyaudiolab) setup files.
I noticed David Cournapeau uses "... = i for i in ...", but it is available only since Python 2.5, while scipy developers still think should they keep support for 2.3. I had "i for i in ..." in my code but after the message about 2.3 in mailing lists I had commented the lines for a while.
Some days have been spent for studing the svn and setuptools stuff.

One more thing that I dislike in scikits svn is repeating module name:
mlabwrap/ # setuptools based
setup.cfg # optional, needed e.g. for development releases
scikits/ # __import__('pkg_resources').declare_namespace(__name__)
(taken from scikits page)

as you see, 'mlabwrap' is present for twice

also, __init__ can be omitted (since Python 2.5), and I'm not fond of creating and maintaining of additional files.

Ok, so now I intend to spend some days adding MILP and QP classes to OpenOpt.

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